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Character template

Basic Info

Name: Makai kasai
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Straight

Makai Kasai is a very calm and collected individual. Makai's face is always in a nutreal position making it impossible to read his movements. He speaks in a monotone voice prefering not to show any sort of emotion. He enjoys being by himself and dislikes noise. makai can switch from his cold nature to a violent one when he is disturbed by loud noise. he dispises crowds and prefers to be by himself. He'll take to the shadows when it comes to killing or fighting. He enjoys confusing his opponents with Illusions to destract them before he finishes them off with a close kill or long range kill.

Makai also prefers to exhaust his opponent and will generally stay five steps ahead of them making them think that they have him yet in the end it is he who has them in his trap. He will not speak very often in battle only when it is needed.
Date of Birth: NOvember 9th
Makai Kasai Anime-Boys-anime-guys-3786209-391-500

Makai is an 8 foot male with pitch black hair in a wild spiked pattern. His hair is long reaching down his back to his ankles He holds it up in a high ponytail so that it reaches mid back only. His skin is pale white whiter than that of snow. He has an athletic build but is no where weak what so ever. He has a six back with muscle on his arms and broad shoulders. His eyes are crimson red with blood red eyes and black snake like slits inside the iris's. His eyes hold no emotion inside of them when one looks inside his eyes all they'll see is the darkness shivers running up there spines s the coldness and darkness sweep over them. he shows no emotion what so ever his voice cold to the bone enough to give someone goosebumps and nightmares.

Makai wears long black silk trousers and a long black silk battle robe over the top. The sleeves are longer than his arms and the ends of his sleeves made up of a strong material that can have his flames channelled through them. He is able to use his sleeves to block weapons to deflect them and his opponents physical attacks. also wears a long sleeved black cloak that is weighted as well. The cloak has a high collar covering half of his face. he wears a black fedora to cover the rest of his face. Makai wears black silk socks and black traditional chinese shoes

On his right hand he has five rings. His right thumb his storm ring, right index cloud ring, right middle sky ring, right ring mist ring and right pinkie lightning ring. His entire body is covered back to front his hundreds of battle scars and burns.

On both his legs he carries two holsters for a total of 4. Each containing kunai knives and shuriken used for his assassinations. he carries two belts around his waist with item pouches at the back two at the back of each belt for four carrying exploding pellets, poison bombs, smoke bombs and other explosives. On his belt are his numerous box weapons


Makai Kasai Tribal_tattoos

Right Arm:
Makai Kasai Tribal_Dragon

Left hand:
Makai Kasai Tribal-tattoos-dovme-desenleri-motifleri-resimleri-piercings__tribal-tattoos-dovme-desenleri-motifleri-resimleri-piercings-010.jpg_595

Shoulder Blades:
Makai Kasai Tribals

Makai Kasai Tribal-phoenix-tattoo-259x300

Likes: Death, Blood, Smoking, fighting, reading, scythes
Dislikes: Peace, peace loving fools
Hobbies: Training, sparring, reading
Dreams: To destroy all Mafia families
Birth place: Japan Kyoto
Country living: Japan, Namimori

Mafia Info

Rank: Boss - S ranked
Flames: Sky, Cloud, Storm, Lightning and Sun
Family: Head of the main Kasai Mafia family in Japan

Weapon Info


Name: Desusaizu
Type: Scythe
Rank: S
Flame type: All flames
Ability: Has the ability to channell makai's flames through its blades and release crescent shaped blades of flames at the opponent. The chain is able to extend with flames. if cloud flames are channelled through the chain the chain will rapidly increase in length beyond its limit thanks to the cloud flames ability.
Appearance: A large 7'5 foot scythe with a blade on each side back to back. The blades are around 5 foot long are and crmson red. The handle it pitch black. Both the handles and blades are made of flame conductiing metal and titanium the strongest metal making this blade improbable to break but not impossible. A long 10 metre flame conducting chain is attached to the end of the scythe. The chains are also made of titanium to help throw the scythe without breaking the chain. When flames are channelled through the chain the chain segments will split apart and be connected by strong flame threads to increase the chains range doubling it to 20 metres instead of 10


Name: Weighted Cloak
Type: Cloak
Flame type: All
Ability: The cloak is able to repair itself through the use of the wielders flames. The cloak weighs 250 kg to help build Makai's speed up. When the cloak is off Makai's speed is increased by five times.
Appearance: A long black high collared cloak that is worn by Makai. He is able to repair it with his flames any of his flames. The cloak is made of a heavy material making it weight around 250 kilograms.


Name: Sun Necklace
Type: Necklace
Rank: S
Flame type: Sun
Ability: The sun necklace is a necklace used by Makai. The topaz at the end of the necklace is designed to hold and store a large amount of sun flames and channel them through the rest of the necklace. Makai can release the sun flames inside the necklace to release a large amount of raw sun flames to encase his body to heal any amount of injury in an instant. He can release small amounts or large anounts to heal himself. The sun flames can be stored over time and released when they are needed
Appearance: Makai Kasai 80010ca

morte spada:

Name: Morte Spada (Death Sword)
Type: Long katana
Rank: S
Flame type: CLoud, Sky, Storm
Ability: The Morte Spada is a sword designed for Makai. The handle is able to split open and a long chain will erupt from the end. The chain was made of an alloy used to conduct cloud flames. The chain can rapidly grow when cloud flames and channelled through it. Sky and Storm flames can be channelled individually or together through the blade.
Appearance: Makai Kasai Sk162

caos, rovina:

Name: caos (Red gun) rovina (Black gun) - Chaos and Destruction
Type: Gun
Rank: A
Flame type: Sky
Ability: Caos and Rovina are a pair of large hand guns designed and used by Makai. He can channel his sky flames into his guns to fire concentrated high powerful beams of sky flames. He can even fire off shots in the form of sky bullets.


Name: Thunder Rifle
Type: Rifle
Rank: A
Flame type: Lightning
Ability: The thunder rifle is able to channel lightning flames through its barrel to be fired off as bullets in the shape of lightning or raw powered beams of lightning flames. The lightning bullets can punch through concrete and kill a human or they can be used to deliver electrical shocks to stun. Makai can fire a beam of lightning and have it split into ten beams from this rifle.
Appearance: Makai Kasai Savage_rifle_110GXP3

Makai's Abilities

Decreased Pain: Thanks to all of Makai's training through the brutal training and jobs he has done his nerve system aorund his pain nerves have rapidly decreased so the pain he feels is a lot less allowing him to go for longer in battle regardless of the injuries he suffers as he barely feels them.

Speed: Makai has increased speed. He is incredibly fast thanks to his training. His speed is his greatest ability. With his weights off he is even faster than before

Resolve: makai's resolve is so strong that his flames burn brightly. His resolve is to crush everyone that stands before him and destroy all mafia with that resolve he makes his flames burn brightly.

Other info


Pre hitman arc


Makai had been born into the Vongola family like the rest of his family. Makai from a young age never cried he was always silent just laying in his crib his cold lifeless eyes watching the world. Because he never showed emotions as a baby or a child he was labelled as a monster in the Vongola Family being bullied by the other children. But he ignored it all and all he ever did was read. From a tender age Makai showed the potential to be a powerful hitman already surpassing those already in training. Makai at the age of 3 was taken to be trained as a hitman. Makai even at that age was already fully able to speak like a teenager. He was called a genius.

Makai trained day in being pushed by his trainers to be the best. Never interacting with the other children just ignoring them as he trained. He was already growing to wanting to be the strongest to be the best. Many even saying he had the potential to surpass the First Vongola and his First generation Guardians. Makai showed great talent in the usage of harnessing his inner flames managing to use five flames at the age of 6 Storm, Cloud, Sun, lightning and to everyone's shock Sky. He had been gifted with the ability to create sky flames and use them at his will showing he had the potential to be great. The arcobaleno took an interest in him and took him away when he was 8 to train him. makai excepted this and left to train learning to use swords, scythes and guns along with his flames creating his own techniques for them.

Makai spent the first year of his training with Fon learning many styles of martial arts and how to harness the raw power of his storm flames calling them to be used at his disposal. He was trained in chinese medicine and taught to cook by Fon. He trained with Fon in the moutains, forests and under waterfalls even in the harsh dry desert. Makai trained long and hard with Fon never letting the storm arcobaleno get the better of him. He spent the next year with Colonnello in the woods for survival training constantly being hunted by the rain arcobaleno. The next year was with Verde studying under him learning the art of science. By the age of eleven his powers were to match that of Xanxus.

The next year he was trained by Skull to use his cloud flames since verde taught him to use lightning. Makai spent the next year with Aria learning how to use his sky flames. The year was better than the year he spent with Skull. The next year was with the Sun arcobaleno Reborn. He was taught how to use hand guns by the sun arcobaleno and to use his sun flames. He was even taught Reborns style of combat. At the age of fourteen his skulls rivalled that of the first cloud guardian of the first vongola and continued to grow.

Hitman arc


At the age of Fourteen Makai was given his own rings forged by the Arcobaleno called the Kasai rings one for each of his flames of Sky, Storm, Lightning, Cloud and Sun. At 14 Makai was given his first task as a hitman to hunt down and kill the boss of an enemy family. At the time Makai had already learnt to use a single scythe. he crept through the families head quarters and killed his target while he slept and left with his ring wearing it as his own to help conduct his thunder flames. seeing as the boss he killed used thunder flames. Makai continued to grow as a hitman his name becoming known far and wide as he performed multiple assassinations for the vongola from the age of 14 to the age of 20. Though makai began to grow bored in Vongola he found himself thinking he could do better he was never appreciated by the vongola never being thanked for his work and was seen as a monster so he fled going into hiding for five years to build his skills.

current arc


At the age of 25 Makai resurfaced and began to create a new mafia family that came together on the 1st of January 2010. He created the Kasai family. The mafia family laid low before coming out and revealing themselves attacking the other families. Makai personally led each charge destroying every single mafia family that he came across obliterating them. He led the charge against families in China, Germany, Russia, America, France and Australia destroying them all before heading off to japan to destroy Tsuna. A secondary branch going off to Italy to destroy all over families in Italy led by the second command of the Kasai family. While the main branch and Makai went to japan. Makai had already arrived in namimori and will soon attack the Vongola to crush them and everyone they love. His goal to bring chaos to the mafia world and destroy all other families so only his would remain to rule the underworld

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