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The Timeline Of new Aged Mafia Empty The Timeline Of new Aged Mafia

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In the year 2008 a full year after his inheritance a new rival family came into the world the family was known as the Avvoltoio itallian for Hawk. The Avvoltoio Boss was a ruthless male who had plans to take control of all mafia. He stayed in the shadows capturing the Arcobaleno to take control of there pacifiers. The first to be caught was Skull followed by Verde. THird was Viper. This followed by Lal Mirch the cursed Arcobaleno leaving only Aria, Reborn, Fon and Colonnello. Before anyone could even discover this Fon had been captured there next target Aria.

Aria at the time had been visiting Tsuna and his friends. When the Avvoltoio went for her there men was quickly dispatched by Tsuna and the Avvoltoio plans were revealed. Tsuna took charge gathering in the Varia, the Chiavarone, Shimon and CEDEF. With his guardians the remaining Arcobaleno Tsuna raged war against the Avvoltoio. The two families clashed with one another Tsuna combating against the leader of the Avvoltoio Ottanta. Ottanta was a merciless male even using the threat of killing off the Arcobaleno if Tsuna did not admit defeat to him.

His guardians prepared to kill the Arcobaleno. When all hope seemed lost Hibari arrived with the help of Mukuro both his Mist and Cloud guardian quickly dispatching of Ottanta's guardians. Tsuna was able to take action and defeated Ottanta. Even though there leader was gone the Avvoltoio continued to fight with the VOngola. The war lasting a full year before peace finally came to a rain in the year 2009.


In the year 2009 peace rained over during these times. Tsuna was able to sit down and work hard on his studies without any interuption. Tsuna quickly managed to get his grades up thanks to his hard work and thanks to reborn's tutoring.

Hibari graduated and moved onto university where he quickly established a new Discipline Committee at his university. Hibari quickly became feared by the students and the faculty.

Ryohei still at school however quickly took place in the boxing ring outside of school. He fought previous champions and the current heavy weight champoin beating them all at the age of 17. He became famous world wide becoming known by everyone for his skills in the boxing ring.

Gokudera genuis at Namimori was able to graduated at the age of 16 where he quickly headed off to the namimori university of science. Gokudera quickly became the universities top student after already completed 2 years worth of work of a five year course in six months. He is set to graduated in ten months time at the rate he is going.

Yamamoto over the year continued his baseball but at the same time practiced his swordsmenship. His skills as an expert batmans were taken notice and he was taken in to play in the professional sport of baseball for japan at seventeen. Of course even though he is now a pro Yamamoto continues to make time to visit his friends and having daily spars with Squalo to keep his skills as a swordsmen up.

Lambo currently seven years of age and at school for his first year. Over the two years he somewhat matured from the war that was happening now looking up to Gokudera who continued to protect him during the wars that were raged even calling him Nii-chan.

Mukuro was finally let out of Vendicare with some help from Tsuna and was united with CHrome for the first time. Mukuro and Chromo both having united thanks to Tsunayoshi both are now attending Namimori high with Tsuna. Mukuro has slowed down on his attempts to take over Tsuna;'s body coming to respect him as a foe and somewhat friends, Chromo can often be found hanging out with haru and Kyoko the three girls coming best friends.


In 2010 on the 1st of January a new family formed in Japan the Kasai Family. A new powerful Family led by an even stronger and fiercer man known as Makai Kasai. His powers said to match that of the First Vongola's Boss and His guardians powers combined. On the 1st of January not much was known about them as they stayed hidden seeming to be recruiting for there forces.

On the 15th of January news struck as the devastation of the Tomaso Family came to the vongola and there allies. The Tomaso family having been destroyed by an unknown male wielding powerful Sky flames that crushed them in one night. Soon more families were destroyed The Giegue Famiglia followed next whom had just managed to rebuild themselves after two years. The next family to be hit was the Endlose Trauer a power Mafia family in Germany said to rival the VOngola in power. More families followed as across Russia, Germany, China, France, America and Australia mafia families were being crushed every last one of them even the small ones leaving none alive.

After 5 months of hundreds of Mafia families being destroyed there destroyers have plans to destroy the Vongola in italy and Japan along with all other Families. The family revealed doing this is none other than the Kasai. Makai himself waging war against Tsuna.

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