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Post  Daichi on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:53 pm

Character template

Basic Info

Name: Brie Ann Daichi (B.A.D)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Straight

Personality: Brie is a normal girl with normal problems and a normal attitude on life...that it sucks. Brie is usually a fair person and cannot hate someone unless she has a good reason to. It is her belief that people make mistakes and as long as they admit to them then she shouldn't be hated but most people do not see it and still judge others.
Brie also is a mellow kind of person but is short tempered. Although she learned how to not...explode so loudly...people can still tell if she is mad, upset, or just planning annoyed. Usually she either calms down by running while listening to music, beating up a tree (or something to punch at) or swearing out loud...very loudly.

Date of Birth: April 13th

Brie Daichi 880315_1282178841783.57res_440_400

Likes: Music, books, running, people, nature
Dislikes: Science, annoying people, tomatoes, being stuck in bed, sneaky sneakies
Hobbies: Writing, jogging (even in the winter), working
Dreams: To find where she is most wanted, to find a home

Birth place: Ireland, Galway
Country living: Japan, Namimori

Mafia Info

Rank: C
Flames: Lightning
Family: None...yet

Weapon Info


Name: Yūrei no Dangan (Ghost Bullet)
Type: Gun
Rank: E
Flame type: None
Ability: Nothing special, it just shoots out normal bullets.
Brie Daichi 2732416

Name: Silver lining
Type: Dagger
Rank: E
Flame type: None
Ability: Once again, nothing special. This is a normal dagger she keeps either up her sleeve or in her boot.
Brie Daichi Dagger2-600

Other info

History: Brie was born in Ireland but moved to Japan when she was 6 years old. Brie lived a normal life with normal friends but always had this feeling that her parents were hiding something from her. When Brie was 15, her parents died in a car crash during the Winter. Brie was staying at a friends house at the time but always had a feeling that how they died just could never happen that way. Brie lived at her friend's house till she was 18 then moved back to Ireland for collage which nothing out of the ordinary happened then moved back to Japan 2 years later. Brie now works at a cafe as a waitress and sometimes as a cook but ever since she had returned, she feels like there are eyes burning on the back of her neck. (The annoying scene that someone is watching you.)

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