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Awesome Mafia dude appears Empty Awesome Mafia dude appears

Post  Juggalowarriornexus on Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:48 am

Character template
Basic Info
Name: Shimushi spike
Age: 20
Sexual preference: Straight
Personality: He is very cold and hates team work. He is short tempered and highly impatient. He is a loner and possible very insane. He hates slow things and likes to fight a lot.
Date of Birth: May 24
Appearance: He is tall and skinny. He is pale and has gray circles around his eyes. He wears all black and travels with a black hooded robe. The hood is always up when traveling but brought down when fighting. He has a scar on his face and chest.
Likes: Vegetarian foods, fighting,horror movies, the darkness, swords and other bladed weapons, being straightedge
Dislikes: waiting,slow moving things,eating animals,losing,failure, and sunlight
Hobbies: His hobbies are making others feel pain or to draw from himself or others around him.
Dreams: He dreams of becoming a legendary warrior. He dreams of causing a decade of domination.
Birth place: Italy
Country living: Japan
Occupation:Mafia member

Mafia Info

Rank: Don or a form of power lower
Flames: i dont know that to put here

Weapon Info


Name: Serpent wolf king.
Type: Sword
Rank: D
Flame type: Smoke
Ability: It spins in dire situations in a defensive way. But mainly it lets out a really painful smoke based flame.
Appearance: It his Black on whole sword. Except for the frontal part of the blade Which is Purple and Blood red.
Other info

History: Shimushi grew up watching people die on a regular basis it began to take a tole on his psyche. When he became a teenager he was heavily interested in killing and fighting. As he became the twenty year old person his emotions became cold and he avoided all types of team work.
Roleplay Sample: (E's, D's, C's don't need rp sample. B's, A's and S's do. Higher the rank you need a better sample)

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