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Jayjay [WIP] Empty Jayjay [WIP]

Post  zunga on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:40 am

Character template

Basic Info

Name: Jayjay
Sexual preference:Straight
Personality: Jayjay looks a little bit arrogant the first time you see him. But he is just a little bit childish. If you get to know him better,you will find he isnt as arrogant. But he is a little bit arrogant. He has a obsession with guns. So he mentions them in most of his raps. He can be cold when it goes about killing. He will kill you if he thinks your annoying. But he is actaully nice. Only that is what he got from the ghetto. He is rich because of his job gets him fast money. But the cops try's to find him. He can snap fast, as that is what he toke from the ghetto to. He has a strong determination and will power. He almost has a impossible endurance because of running for the cops. And cause in the ghetto its never safe, his instinct for danger is also great.
Date of Birth: 11 februari
He is the third one standing. And he acts like he has a shotgun in his hand.
Likes: Shooting and rapping and making money. Did i say shooting?
Dislikes:Defeat, defeat with rapping. Cant make money anymore.
Hobbies:Shooting, training, fighting.
Dreams: Being a real boss of a maffia family.
Birth place: Dutch
Country living: Italy
Occupation: Drugsdeal.
Mafia Info

Rank: Second in Comand (S Ranked) Italy?
Family: Vongola

Weapon Info


Name: BangBang
Type: Two Guns
Flame type:Sky
Ability:Instead of like normal maffia guns shooting beams. It shoot little balls, with less power but more speed. Which makes it almost undodgeable. It cant make him fly, but it can make him jump high.
Appearance: Like the guns of fabio

Other info


Roleplay Sample: (E's, D's, C's don't need rp sample. B's, A's and S's do. Higher the rank you need a better sample)


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