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Post  Himitsu on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:05 pm

Character template

Basic Info

Name: Himiko 'Himitsu' Tsukawa
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Straight
Peaceful, if somewhat cynical, and mostly happy with her life as it is right now – as exhausting and stressful as living on her own can be. She tries not to snap and people when she’s having a bad day, and can successfully keep a polite and happy smile on her face for an entire 12-hr shift. She’s a good strategist, both in battle and in managing her time in everyday life. She tends to bottle negative emotions, instead becoming detached and apathetic - this does mean that if she does blow up, its going to be bad. And her pride means its unlikely she'll take back anything she said or done, preferring to burn her bridges.
Hates to fight, doesn’t like her family, and has a bit of difficulty making friends. She also tends to be a bit lazy, though she claims its because she never has the chance to be – because when she does have things she has to do, she rarely procrastinates. She likes sleeping in, especially on cold mornings, and has a bad habit of neglecting to study for exams. She also has a little bit too much pride – case in point, she depends on photographic memory for exams, and if that were to somehow fail her she’d fluke completely.

She doesn’t have many interests, but Himiko does enjoy law – a very strange hobby for a school student, but she finds the exact wording on the law, how that wording can be manipulated and previous precedents all very interesting. Its bemusing at best. At worst, she’s just gotten you by the neck; you’ve said all the wrong things, and she’s gotten it all on tape. She can list the laws you’ve broken against her by heart, and what exactly the worst possible result – the one she will push – will be. If you don’t want that, then you had better be willing to bend over backwards to her. Himiko rather likes the power of threat and blackmail – her electricity, gas and water company are currently paying her monthly fees out of their pocket because of that little trick of hers, too.
The fact Himiko has a photographic memory and the comprehension to match probably helps; one glance and she knows everything that was on the page. It does come in great use during school – she sits firmly in the top tier in all her classes, despite not having time to study.

It must also be noted that Himiko has... control issues. She needs control and cannot stand to be controlled. This doesn't mean she can't follow orders - she has a natural inclination to obeying strong figures - but it means that she needs to be free to make the choice to obey. Don't be over bearing, ask instead or ordering, and don't keep secrets that involve her or somehow make a choice for her, and you'll be fine.

Date of Birth: August 12
Himiko is not very striking. While she is one of the taller girls her age, its only by a few scant inches, and her waist has lost the build that came from years of tummy-crunches; muscles slowly being replaced with an ordinary slimness that comes mostly from hours of running around with piles of food (and just a little bit from the fact she sometimes skips meals). Her work as a waitress has managed to keep the upper-body strength and speed from her days of training, but her endurance has suffered.
Himiko’s black hair that lacks the luster shine of the other girl’s in her class and it’s cut simply to a little past her shoulder bones, usually tied back in a bun because she doesn’t have time to do anything else with it. Her eyes, meanwhile, are a most ordinary blue-grey, with unfortunately short eyelashes.

Likes: Sleeping in, caramel fudge, control, law, blackmailing people, watching thunderstorms from inside
Dislikes: Being manipulated, controlled or forced into doing things, being cold, pumpkin, customers who are rude to the waitstaff and don’t tip, fighting, her parents
Hobbies: Studying law, making card houses, computer games
Dreams: She is no idea what she wants to do with her life, but for now graduating with high enough marks at school to become a lawyer sounds like a good move
Birth place: Japan
Country living: Japan
Occupation: Student, waitress

Mafia Info

Rank: C
Flames: Cloud (Note that her flames are completely inaccessible to her due to previous trauma)
Family: None. Her father is allied with the Vongola, but she has no idea they even exist.

Weapon Info


Name: Cirrus Point
Rank: C
Flame type: Cloud
Ability: In additional to being a very pointy metal stick, this spear has the ability to absorb enemy flames to increase its size, without its weight changing. Note that Himiko cannot actually use this ability, but it will begin to absorb flames automatically when they reach a certain potency.
Appearance: Himiko Tsukawa Spear

Other info

History starts with one’s parents, yes? In Himiko’s case, her mother has always been a non-factor; a woman passive and uncaring to a point she was near neglectful of her daughter. Her father made up for it. He was a passionate man dedicated to his Family, his warrior-talents, and spent the majority of his daughter’s free time with her, training her in the spear-style that his clan is known for. His goal in this was to mold her into the best possible heir for his place, as one of the higher-level fighters of his mafia family – but he never told Himiko his reasons, planning on explaining when she was older, and thus she herself is unaware of the connections her extended family has.
Unfortunately, he also adhered to the policy of ‘father knows best’. He ignored Himiko’s protests that she didn’t want to learn – she does not enjoy fighting, despite her skill – and dominated her life as he pushed her more and more. Her first thirteen years fell firmly into this routine.

During that time, something which Himiko cannot recall must have happened, because Himiko is now completely unable to use her Cloud Flames. She cannot activate it no matter what training or placebos are used in the attempt, and forcing her to try only results in pain and damage to her body. All Himiko’s signs suggest that this is due to trauma of some sort, clearly something she has blocked the memories of, along with her memories of her flame itself.
Her father did learn a valuable lesson, however. If you tell a very young child to open a box containing a very angry giant polar bear who is likely to try and eat them, then you’re going to have to expect something will go wrong.

At thirteen, now a rebellious teenager Himiko’s protests and screaming matches with her father reached boiling point. Unable to continue with her life as it was, she left. She ran away to another city and made a separate life for herself. Enrolling herself in school, finding an apartment willing to lease itself out to her, taking on a job as a waitress at a posh restaurant, Himiko took a new life on. She has kept all her extensive fighting skills, though her endurance is suffering without daily training. It was her reluctance to speak of her previous life that caused her coworkers at the restaurant to begin calling her ‘Himitsu’ – a nickname that stuck and somehow managed to find it way to her school as well.

Roleplay Sample: (E's, D's, C's don't need rp sample.)


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