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How points work Empty How points work

Post  Makai Kasai on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:50 pm

This is the system for points for how much things cost and what you get from things.


Number of points gain per mission

E rank Missions: 25
D rank Missions: 50
C rank Missions: 100
B rank Missions: 200
A Rank Missions: 400
S rank Missions: 600


How much each rank of technique costs

E rank Techs: 25
D rank Techs: 50
C rank Techs: 100
B rank techs: 150
A rank Techs: 250
S rank Techs: 500


How much each rank of ring costs to buy

E ranked Rings: 100
D ranked Rings: 150
C ranked Rings: 250
B ranked Rings: 500
A ranked Rings: 1000
S ranked Rings: 2000

Box Weapons

How much each rank of Box weapons cost to buy

E ranked Box weapons: 100
D ranked Box weapons: 200
C ranked Box weapons: 400
B ranked Box weapons: 600
A ranked Box weapons: 800
S ranked Box weapons: 1000


How much each rank of weapon costs

E ranked Weapons: 50
D ranked Weapons: 100
B ranked Weapons: 250
A ranked weapons: 500
S ranked Weapons: 1000

For every post you make you earn 5 points. For every topic 10 points. Every day your registered 10 Points

Ranking up

This is how people can rank up. Also for S ranked members there is a rank above S that will only be given through ranking up. it is known as SS

E to D - 400 points
D to C - 500 points
C to B - 600 points
B to A - 1000 points
A to S - 2000 points
S to SS - 5000 points

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