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Post  Exia on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:42 pm

Basic Info

Name: ExRag Kyos
Gender: male
Sexual preference: Straight
Personality: Shy, but Strong hearted
Date of Birth: July 4th
Appearance: His hair is grey with blue streaks down the left side of his head, he's got brown eyes with a line going through his left eye. He wears a dark blue jacket most of the time with a black shirt underneath.
Likes: Animes, comics, video games, and writing
Dislikes: people who lie, cheat, and abuse others for fun.
Hobbies: writing stories, playing games, hanging out with close friends.
Dreams: to be a mythology major and get the girl of his dreams
Birth place: United States
Country living: United States
Occupation: a professor at a college and studying to become a Mythology Major

Mafia Info

Rank: Strategist
Flames: Rainbow with the sky flame being the strongest and all others not awoken yet
Family: Vongola

Weapon Info

Name: Lion De' Legolass
Type: Sky Lion
Rank: B
Flame type: Rainbow, but sky being the main element with the other flames not awoken yet
Ability: Has all the sky powers with the ability to channel all other flame types into one major flame with the abilities of all, but not being as strong as if they were individually chosen kinda like Hayato
Appearance: A proud male lion with a main of rainbow flames with sky flames coming from the tail and feet. It looks kinda like Xanxus's Liger.

Other info

History: During the 3rd night at his new job ExRag started having weird dreams and started hearing things that no one else could hear and every time he went near the direction of the sounds there was nothing there. ExRag was told in dream that he would find someone around campus that would point him to the source of his dreams and the sounds that he had heard around campus, but the person in his dream did not state who, when, and where he would meet this person or what they looked like so this was very confusing to him. In the end ExRag ended up having his usual nightmares about the girl getting attacked and him being able to do nothing about it, but sit there and accept that he has no power and no way to save her. The following morning ExRag was so worn out from tossing and turning in his sleep from the nightmares that he couldn’t hardly pay any attention on his CPP Class work and ended up barely getting through the door at the end of the day. The same night after dinner ExRag got approached by someone who he had seen around campus, but never talked to them personally. This person had stated that they saw him walking around campus like he was looking for someone who was never really there at all and had also stated that they heard ExRag talking to himself like he was talking to someone who wasn’t there and ExRag told the person he didn’t know what they were talking about, but the person replied “you can’t fool me I understand exactly what your going through.” Shocked by what the person had said to him ExRag had begun to explain what he’s been dreaming of for the past few days, when he was finished the person told ExRag to follow him and so ExRag followed the person into the woods next to the café. To ExRag’s surprise there was more than 1 person there and he thought to himself that he isn’t the only one who was having strange dreams and hearing voices from people who weren’t there. Later that night after what happened today ExRag had another dream about Tsuna, but this time it was a bit different this time Tsuna was dying by the hand of the mysterious enemy who had now announced himself as Kami. Kami’s goal as he told Tsuna was to destroy the whole Vongola family and take the Vongola rings for himself so that he could have ultimate power. Kami was getting ready to deliver the final blow to Tsuna and his friends when ExRag screamed out “STOP THIS! YOU CAN’T DESTORY THEM!” and ExRag thought that because it was a dream Kami couldn’t hear him, but it turned out that he could and Kami stopped in his tracks and turned towards ExRag’s direction, he started to panic thinking to himself “oh my god this is the end for me, but just as Kami was about to strike out of no where Tsuna appeared in front of Kami and started attacking him and saving ExRag from Kami, but Tsuna was in no shape to fight anyone anymore and he could tell that Tsuna was having trouble and was about to be defeated when ExRag couldn’t take the pain of watching Tsuna die from saving him he jumped in the middle of the fighting and saved Tsuna and stood up to Kami and defended Tsuna and his friends. As ExRag was saving Tsuna flames engulfed the sky in his dream, all kinds of different flames, Storm, Rain, Mist, Cloud, Sun, and Sky flames. After Tsuna saw all the flames engulf the sky just after being saved by ExRag Tsuna called forth his guardian’s to him and told them, “My friends this boy has saved us all and I sense a strong flame inside him like no other person in our world or the entire world. We need to give him our rings and share what’s left of our power with him so that our future can be saved and the universe will be spared.” As Tsuna said that the rings started to glow and become engorged in flames of each guardian’s type and it seemed to all of them that ExRag was absorbing the flames into his body and merging into one! And with that a new flame was born into this world, The Vongola Flame. A flame that is comprised of all the flames known to the world. Kami who has now tasted defeat by all of them fled from the are and no one could sense him in the vicinity, Tsuna explained to ExRag the new powers he has obtained were beyond what a normal person could handle and that for now he was the sole protector of they’re universe. Just as soon as ExRag accepted the rings from everyone he got woken up by the morning wake-up call, but this was a weird wake-up ExRag woke up with each of the Vongola rings in his bed and the sky ring on his finger.
So after waking up with the Vongola rings in his hands he started to notice that he could see strange creatures appearing all over campus that no one else, but him could see and now it was bestowed upon him to protect the people of the multiverse and to defeat this “Kami” person and restore balance to Tsuna’s world and his world. So this was the start of a new life for ExRag and it started to look like a good year for him because now he could make a change in the world for the better and he now had the power to protect the ones he loved and cared for.

Roleplay Sample: ExRag just waking up after his alarm with off for his 8am class he woke up and stumbled out of bed and got himself together for the day of teaching mythology to students who just laugh at him for how worked up he gets over teaching about his class. Today as he was driving to his office he got attacked by something being shot from behind him and knocking his car in the air and him out the window. Note that he had sensed the shot so he threw up a barrier to protect him as he went flying through the air and as he landed on the ground he turned to look at what was attacking him and all he saw was a cloaked figure and he had no idea who it was. The attacker then began to shoot storm flames at him with the intent to kill him for his box weapon and steal his flames. ExRag retaliated with his own flames by opening his box 'Lion De' Legolass' and turning the attackers box weapon to stone and freezing his flames. ExRag then dashes towards the attacker and all of a sudden he just disappears right before his eyes as if he never existed.


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