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Post  Exia on Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:14 pm

So it starts off as a normal day ExRag had begun his training session in the blast room for starters testing his new weapon the Ex-Guns with storm flames, but he couldn't get the output to come out as good as the input of flames he put into the guns. So as he was training he began to notice that his storm flames were getting weaker and weaker and he began to question why. Just as he had fired his 20th shot out of the guns another cloaked figure appeared out of no where with no warning and no alarm went off so ExRag yelled'asked' the figure, "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!?! You keep showing up out of no where and attacking me What do you WANT?!?!" The figure just stood there staring at him and he couldn't even see his face what so ever. So the figure then began to charge flames from no where and they seemed to engulf him like an aura and they just kept growing and growning to the ceiling. Then the figure threw all his flames into a box weapon with the power of a storm ring of unkown kind. The box weapon then opened revealing a Storm Class Dragon, 'Dragoon'Gras', a Dragon that carries with it all properties of the Storm and it seemed to bust through the ceiling and they took the fight outside where they had more room to fight. Because ExRag had activated his Storm flames he couldn't deactivate them straight away because he is still learning how to control them and make them stronger so he used his flames and opened his Storm Box Weapon, 'Lioness 'De Grenerate' a Storm class female Lion that destorys all in its path and reduces all to rubble. So then ExRag started firing at the figure and the fight began.


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