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Character Creation: Negai Empty Character Creation: Negai

Post  Negai on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:51 am

Name: Negai Moretti II
Age: Appears to be 16
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Straight
\Personality:Calm, understanding, somewhat quiet, teasing
Date of Birth: May 10th
Appearance: 5'10. Black hair and brown eyes.
Likes: Things he doesn't dislike
Dislikes: Loud, unfriendly, or rude people.
Hobbies: Drawing and writing
Dreams: To be the boss of his mafia and change his family, so that they can live peacefully with other mafia families
Birth place: Italy
Country living: Always traveling

Mafia Info

Rank: Rogue Hitman: Rank Level: A (since he's not in a family, and could be against every other family. Unless he temporarily works for them.)
Flame: Rain
Family: Doesn't consider himself a part of his family for the moment. He has an Italian father ( last name, Moretti ), a Japanese mother, cousins, and an uncle ( deceased ).

Weapon Info
He only uses a special umbrella given to him by his uncle. The umbrella has concealed weapons and features.


History: As the son of an Italian mafia member, Negai never spent much time with his father. His uncle ( on his mother's side ) was always there for him, along with his mother. At the age of 6, he walked into a meeting of a rival mafia, which had a short, painful ending. Before he could watch, he was pulled out by his uncle and an umbrella covered the blood shed occurring in front of him. That umbrella was given to him as a gift later on. He soon learned that he would be next in line for his father's title. Since he's Moretti the second, he was trained by his father ( not nicely, by the way ). Over time, his skills became better, his mind trained to think like a true leader, and a cold hearted killer. Negai also sparred with his strongest male cousin, who was also in line for a title. Due to his half Italian mafia blood, he's considered royalty, often treated like a prince, which he did not like. Others thought that his mother's side made him incomplete, incapable of taking over the family name and title. The Japanese side of his family live peacefully, but they weren't weak. They always enjoyed Negai's company, since he was their " little cute baby " when he could barely walk as a baby, and even when he began to go to school. The people that weren't close or related to him were treating him more kindly than he deserved. He always thought it was fear. Fear of what would happen to them, if he was ever mistreated. It was pretty obvious that his father was no good. But Negai saw his father as a kind, caring person. He at least tried. And that was okay for him. Although he was raised in Russia for about five years, he felt more at home in Japan, unaware of the mafia. It wasn't such a bad choice, because the Italian kids didn't care much about him. He didn't fit in with them. He barely spoke their language, since his mother was the only one that bothered to teach him Japanese and Italian. Except, Italian didn't click as much as Japanese. Which was a pity, considering one of the greatest mafia boss in Italy was Italian, and spoke their native language. Still unaware of the mafia, he never tried to learn a language he should be using in the future. His father was never around much, so he didn't get any clue from what he does. His uncle always kept him company when he was in Italy and Japan. He also had a part in the mafia, but Negai was still unaware of that. At the age of seven, he was finally enlisted in a " special " school. Not because of his intelligence, but because he had to be prepared. After a few weeks, the school wasn't doing anything for him, so his father trained him instead. Instead of the safe plastic swords and weapons that they had in school, his father used real ones. He was strict and shaped him into the person he is today. It took nine years until he had enough of the harsh treatment. Negai knew it was meant to be serious, and that anyone, at any time, could attack him. Paranoia, hatred, sadness, guilt, pain and loneliness drove him into a state of indifference. Most of his upper body is covered with scars and wounds he received from his training, along with experiences on missions. He changed. Even at a point when he heard of his uncle's death, he had no tears. One day, he decided to escape. He slipped through every defense, after studying every possibility for two days. The next day, he was never heard from again. He was sure people would be after him, for the family's sake or for his death. After a couple of days, he blended in with society. He had no place to settle, so he always ended up taking any work from anyone, as long as he was paid. Having some experience in the outside world made him more human, but he still had those habits he could never give up. He managed to live on with people, holding nothing but an umbrella.

Roleplay sample: It was cold and raining. Negai moved his hair to the side as a man approached him. A bullet went straight to the wall next to him. Without looking up to see the person, Negai rolled to the side, aiming the tip of his umbrella forward. The person was gone. It couldn't have been from a long distance though. He couldn't sit there and wait for that person to show up, he would die instantly. Standing up, he quickly rushed and lunged to an area where he would be protected by bullets. He waited silently. A figure appeared behind him, reaching down to grab him. He moved to the side, wrapping his arm around the person's hand. As he stood to glance at the person, Negai jerked his arm forward. The man was wearing casual clothes. A mistake, maybe. A small gleam came from his other hand, revealing a gun.

Suddenly noticing it, Negai elbows the man's nose. The grip from Negai's arm loosened from the impact. Leaning down, he picks up his umbrella. At the same time, the man picks up his gun. While the man tries to aim a shot at Negai, he spins the umbrella, using the curved handle to grab onto the man's wrist. With a jerk, the gun falls to the ground. Not having any moment to spare, the man sends a punch to Negai's face. Negai ducks, avoiding the punch. He slides his leg out to the the man's right leg, attemping to push him off balance. The man grabbed Negai's jacket to push him off, but Negai forced his way into a push backwards. With the help of his leg, the man falls back from his lack of balance. Negai kicks the gun to another direction, then places his foot on the man's neck.

" Who sent you? "

No answer. A knife slid down from the man's sleeve. Negai didn't notice it until his leg was cut. He stepped back from the sudden pain. The man sat up, slowly standing up. He could grab his umbrella and end it there, but it was closer to the guy. The man would have enough time to cut him right there. Stepping back, Negai made sure not to put much effort on his footwork. As the man stood, he started slicing toward him. He had fancy moves with a knife. Show off. Dodging the slices from the knife, he studied the man's movements. He cut Negai's cheek. Negai reached forward as soon as the knife moved past him. He grabs the man's hand, applying force away from him. The man would use his free hand to support him, so Negai stepped behind him. Pulling the man's hand back, he tries to force the knife out of his hand. The guy wasn't giving up. Still appyling force, Negai places his other hand on the hand, using his palm to crush the guy's wrist and hand. The blade broke from his hand. He let out a little yell from the pain. The side of Negai's hand hits the side of his neck, followed by three puches to his upper body. Negai turns around and finds his umbrella. A bleeding leg was going troublesome. But the pain the guy's going to go through was going to be much worse.

The tip of the umbrella swited to a blade, similar to the size and shape of the original tip. A slash was given to the guy's back, enough to make him bleed more. He picked up the knife, trying another slash at Negai. Their blades made loud metal clashes as they swung back and forth. Finding an opening, Negai cut the man's arm and slapped the knife off with the normal part of his umbrella. With his good leg, he sends a powerful kick to the man's chest, sending him down to his knee. Negai looks into his eyes.

" Lucky for you, my leg is injured. Now, let's try this again. Who sent you? "
The man coughs, " ... I-I won't tell you. More people are coming for you. Better get ready. "

Pointing the tip of his umbrella at him, he flicks a part of the handle, switching it into an open tip, where he could shoot. With a push, the bullet from his umbrella shoots straight to his heart.

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Done. Sorry about that.

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Yes i don't mind you can continue that topic.


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