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Character rules, Box weapon rules and other rules

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Character rules, Box weapon rules and other rules Empty Character rules, Box weapon rules and other rules

Post  Makai Kasai on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:07 pm

This is the rules regarding every creation section.

Character rules

1) Flame limit. These include Dying Will Flames of the Earth and Sky

E ranked members: 1 flame
D ranked members: 1 flame
C ranked Members: 2 Flames
B ranked Members: 3 flames
A ranked Members: 4 Flames
S ranked Members: 5 Flames

Although you may chose to only have 1 flame which will be stronger than other flames of its kind. Only Mafia bosses are aloud flame.

2) There will be no Vongola guardians or 11th Boss the current BOss is Tsuna with his Guardians so there will be canon there
3) Canon box weapons belong to there users
4) Stick to your characters personality same with canons don't want an emo tsuna or happy hibari (Be weird)
5) if you intend for sexual acts make sure your characters age is suitable so most characters please be 16+. Younger characters will be aloud but no sexual acts
6) Everyone will be ranked from E to S for there mafia members. E are lowest ranks S strongest usually Mafia bosses and Guardians.
7) may only have 2 characters that are oc ones that are B+
Cool For those that characters aren't a rogue hitman or apart of a mafia unless you state in your history that your person knows of the Mafia and would know how to use there flames then 1. they won't have rings to channel there flames, 2. no box weapons. and 3. they won't know know how to use there flames until taught by someone

Box weapon Rules

1) Only have box weapons for your flames
2) Only Mafia Bosses and Guardians are aloud Camboi Forma
3) Box weapons will be labeled in rank as well from E (Weakest) to S (Strongest). S boxes will often be used for Cambio Forma.

Boxes per rank for starting off.
E ranked members: 3 Box weapons: 1C, 1 D rank, infinite number of E rank boxes
D ranked members: 6 Box weapons: 2 C, 2 D, infinite number of E
C ranked Members; 9 box weapons: 1 B, 3 C, infinite D to E
B ranked Members: 12 box weapons: 2 A, 4 B ranked, Infinite number of C-D-E
A ranked Members: 15 box weapons: 7 A , 1 S, infinite number of B-C-D-E
S ranked Members: 20 Box weapons: 5 S, Infinite Number of A-B-C-D-E

Buying Limits

E ranked Members; only able to purchase up to D ranked boxes
D ranked Members: Only able to purchase up to C ranked Boxes
C ranked Members: Only able to purchase up to B ranked boxes
B ranked Members: Only able to Purchase up to A class Boxes
A ranked Members: only able to purchase up to S class Boxes
S ranked Members: Able to purchase boxes of every rank

Weapon creation

1) Everyone is aloud to start off with a weapon.
2) Weapons are classed from E to S.

Weapon Limits

This is the highest level each rank can start off with for weapons.

E ranked Members: C rank limit
D ranked Members: C rank limit
C ranked Members: B rank Limit
B ranked Members: A rank Limit
A ranked Members: S Rank Limit
S ranked Members: No limit

Ring Creation

1) S-rank Rings are reserved only for Mafia Bosses and Guardians and other powerful entities
2) others must have Rings ranked between A and E. You may be aloud 1 S rank but it will be expensive and can only be bought after your character is made
3) May only have rings suited for your flames

Limits for starting rings and how many

E ranked Members: 3 ring starting limit: 1 C rank Ring
D ranked Members: 4 Ring starting limit: 2 C rank rings
C ranked Members: 7 ring Starting limit: 1 B rank Ring, 3 C rank rings
B ranked Members: 9 Ring starting limit: 1 A rank ring, 4 B Rank Rings
A ranked Members: 12 Ring Starting Limit: 3 S rank rings, 6 A rank rings
S ranked Members: 15 Ring Starting Limit: 5 S rank Rings

Technique Creation

1) Techniques will be labeled from E to S. E the lowest of techniques and S the greatest used by the more powerful users. Only Mafia Bosses and Guardians will be aloud S class techniques to start with. Eg X-burner
2) Techniques can only be for your flames


How many techniques each rank starts with

E ranked: 7 Techniques: 1 C rank, 3 D unlimited E
D ranked: 13 Techniques: 5 C Rank, Unlimited D-E
C ranked: 20 Techniques: 3 B rank, 10 C ranked, Unlimited D-E
B ranked: 32 Techniques: 5 A ranked, 13 B ranked, Unlimited C-D-E
A ranked: 40 Techniques: 10 A ranked, 1 S ranked, Unlimited B-C-D-E
S ranked: 50 Techniques: 5 S ranked Unlimited A-B-C-D-E

Buying Limits

E ranked: Up to C ranked techniques
D ranked: up to C ranked Techniques
C ranked: Up to B ranked Techniques
B ranked; up to A ranked Techniques
A ranked: Up to S ranked Techniques
S ranked: All ranked techniques

What rank techniques each rank can buy up to

Mafia Family Rules

1) To make a mafia Family you will need a Mafia Boss and at least 3 others to join it as guardians.
2) To make a mafia family it will cost around 2000 points to purchase. THose that wish to join can put in points as well for it

1) Below is a limit to what ranked missions your character can take. Missions are set from E to S class., This is the limit for Missions BY yourself. If you want a higher mission you may go on one but with a higher ranked member

E ranked Members; up to D ranked Missions
D ranked Members; Up to C ranked Missions
C ranked Members: Up to B Ranked Missions
B ranked Members: Up to A ranked Missions
A ranked Members: Up to S ranked Missions (With another A ranked Member)
S ranked Members: All Missions.

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