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Character template

Basic Info

Name: Sapphire Angeli
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Straight
Personality: Sapphire is very cheerful and kind in her nature. Sometimes she knows to be sad and serious but there must be a reason why she is acting like that. She loves her viola, and plays it every day. Through her playing she shows her feelings and her mood in other words she is playing with her heart. She is very romantic. She a very soft and gentle girl that has many dreams to make them come true. She really loves to help people and she is always there for his friends . Her rough side is very rare to see, but once when she shows it, she is very dangerous and aware what's happening, she wont hesitate. She loves to watch fights and even she participates.

Date of Birth: September 20th
Appearance: Sapphire Angeli 33343510
Likes: roses, boys, reading, painting, music, fights, viola
Dislikes: smoking, annoying people
Hobbies: painting, playing viola
Dreams: to live a peaceful life
Birth place: Rome, Italy
Country living: Japan, Namimori
Occupation: Hitman

Mafia Info

Rank: A - rank
Flames: cloud, rain, sun, mist
Family: ex Chiavarone

Weapon Info


Name: Giudizio vero
Type: daggers
Rank: S
Flame type: Mist
Ability: It has the ability to control time. During the battle Sapphire sends her flames through the daggers and swinging, the flames are released shaped rays. When the rays hit the opponent, the time stops(not for long, max 10 min) and and slows down the opponent.
Appearance: Sapphire Angeli 51uqgm10

Other info

Sapphire was born on September 20th in Rome.She was a loner. She was always playing alone, because she had her own games to play and the other kids were afraid. Her parents were working in the Chiavarone Family, they tried to make her life normal as possible that she can live and do stuff like all normal kids, but it wasn't going as planned. When Sapphire started going to primary school, most of the kids were avoiding her and thought that she was strange and scary, because she didn't talk to much and was always alone. One day she told her parents that she didn't want to go to a normal school, she just wanted to do what they were doing, when they heard that they were in shock. They couldn't believe that a seven years old child would say that.

When her parents were at work, she was always alone and played with her knives. She has found some old cans and arranged it in a row, then threw knives at it. That was her favorite game in that age. Later when she was a teenager, her parents introduced her to Reborn who was tutoring Dino. While her parents were explaining to Reborn the situation, Sapphire met Dino and for the first time she started to laugh. She became good friends with Dino and her parents were shocked even more. She spent some time watching and learning from Reborn while he was training Dino. In some situations while training her and Dino he noticed that she has the gift to create mist flames, so she was sent to the mist arcobaleno Mammon.

The rest of her teenager years, till she turned eighteen. She trained hard to become the strongest mist guardian. She passed many tests that Mammon gave her, to train her ability to see through illusions. First few years were hard for her but she managed, the good thing was that she was a fast learner and she had a photographic memory and because of that she was special. The next year wasn't so brightly. Her parents died while attacking the enemy. For Sapphire that was a big shock, but she fought back with her emotions. She decided to leave the Chiavarone Family, but still she was in contact with them, Dino didn't want her to leave the family, but she had her reasons for leaving.

A year has passed after her leave. She moved to Japan. There she started a new life tutoring and living the life as a rogue hitman. There she met Reborn again and for the first time she saw the tenth Vongola boss and his family. She was taking care of some business and in some situations helped Reborn. After spending some time next to the Tenth she finally again saw Dino and his family happily hugging Dino. Even if she spent a great time as a member of the Chiavarone Family, she really wanted to go back but she couldn't, not yet till she has finished some business.
Roleplay Sample:
Sapphire was watching the Vongola boss how clumsy he is. She sweat dropped as he fell on the face still wondering if he really is the Tenth or there was a mistake. But she didn't want to judge him because of his appearance, so she decided to learn more about him. She noticed that one of his guardians, that supposed to be his right hand was glaring at her but she ignored him. Reborn landed on her right shoulder and whispered something. Sapphire slightly nodded and slowly make her way to her car after he told her something. While she was walking to her car she passed by the silver haired boy and her sapphire blue eyes met with his glaring gaze. Her look was empty and cold as ice that made the silver haired boy look away. She smirked moving some of her chocolate brown hair from her face. When she came to her car she took off her daggers and placed them on the passenger seat. She sat and started the car.

While she was driving she thought about what Reborn had said to her and the past, and how happy she was that she saw Dino again. A small warm smile appeared on her face. She was driving to her apartment in the center. While she was driving she saw some man in black suit holding a picture and looking around. She wondered who was it that they were looking for. One of the man saw her and pointed at her. She step on the gas and escaped.

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